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Leave Your Drill in the Shed!

SeedRIGHT plates enable you to plant cover crops and small grains with the precision and agronomic advantages of a planter without having to use a seed drill, which is achieved with intuitively built seed plates that are specifically designed for a wide variety of cover crops.

Just One Kernel!

The Kernel Keeper uses a simple, yet effective strategy to cushion the blow of corn ears on a deck plate, capture any loose kernels, and then collect those kernels to maximize your profits! Save just one kernel (1/2 bushel) per acre for an ROI of over 150%! 

Bumpy Ride?

Our retrofit suspension system, the Ride Tamer, reduces the impact felt by the operator by more than 47%! In addition to making zero-turn mowers ride more comfortably, our retrofit suspension system also lessens the wear and tear on the mower frame caused by a long life of quickly navigating uneven terrain!


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