What Can Davaus Offer You?

The SeedRight story begins in Convoy, Ohio when a local farmer and inventor looked at his Kinze planter and wondered if he could do more with less. The patented BackerPlate was SeedRight’s first invention. The BackerPlate, working with the existing OEM seed plates, allows for the Kinze OEM Brush Type meters to plant small grains and cover crops.

The team at Davaus has founded itself on a mission to be Driven Differently – and developing a more practical harvesting machine with improved efficiency is a part of this mission. Davaus sees an opportunity in the market to satisfy a desire of growers for a cost effective machine that utilizes proven technologies, provides a high ROI, and provides the grower with an new type of experience.

The Ferret provides a solution to “see into”, evaluate, and gather information on your drainage tile. As the first wireless devices of its kind, the advantages provided by the Ferret will be quite impactful in multiple ways.

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