Transforming Your Planter

What are SeedRight plates?

Our plates are designed to plant small grains, wheat, and cover crops. We offer a variety of plates that can be used in the following meters: John Deere vacuum, Kinze brush, Precision Planting, and Kinze EdgeVac. They give you the ability to plant these crops WITH your planter versus using a drill or air seeder. No need to purchase more equipment for your farm when you utilize what you already have. We offer plates that can plant other crops as well, and you can visit to learn more!

How do they work?

Using your planter, you can cover more acres in less time, while enjoying more control over depth and population. All this will result in reduced seeding rates, increased germination and an overall better stand. We have installation videos on our YouTube channel to show you how easy you can transform your planter while saving your farm time and money. You’ll wonder why you didn’t try these before!

Who Is SeedRight?

The SeedRight story begins in Convoy, Ohio when a local farmer and inventor looked at his Kinze planter and wondered if he could do more with less. The patented BackerPlate was SeedRight’s first invention. The BackerPlate, working with the existing OEM seed plates, allows for the Kinze OEM Brush Type meters to plant small grains and cover crops.

The concept of using a planter for small grains quickly caught on, consequently SeedRight turned their attention to vacuum planters. The result was the SeedRight seed plate in two designs: the large and small cell plates. These patent pending discs allows growers with John Deere, Precision Planting, and Kinze vacuum meters the flexibility to accurately plant small grains and cover crops.

As the demand increased for the SeedRight products, manufacturing capacity needed to expand. Peridot Inc., a 20 year veteran advanced prototyping and manufacturing company based out of Hoagland, IN, began to manufacture the plates. The engineering and expertise Peridot has in the manufacturing field, in addition to a fantastic production team with a positive “can-do” attitude, is what SeedRight needed in order to grow. Peridot could deliver the quality parts that SeedRight customers expect. In late 2016 Peridot acquired the SeedRight business in its entiretyLooking toward the future with Peridot’s advanced prototyping and manufacturing capabilities as a basis, a new company was born- Davaus. 

Davaus is a product company with engineering resources and a dealer network across the US that will rely on Peridot as its exclusive manufacturer. The vision of Davaus is to provide innovative solutions to agriculture that are rooted in the science of agronomy and improving the grower’s bottom-line. The Davaus team is Driven Differently and takes pride in supporting the North American farmer that harvests the rich blessings each season that are generously provided by our Creator.

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