Davaus Driven Differently


DAVAUS (da-vöss) is the sum of converging paths that form a vision. This is a convergence of people, passions, complimentary skill sets, and a shared determination to positively contribute to the common good – all of which produce a contagious synergy.

This synergy has resulted in DAVAUS, LLC – a company that is “Driven Differently” to produce innovative solutions for the American farmer. DAVAUS starts with the convergence of advanced prototyping & manufacturing experience and product engineering & management experience. The founders, Dave Hockemeyer (President) and Austin Ehle (Director), both grew up on a family farm, respect the vocation of being a steward of our Creator’s land, and are driven to think differently to benefit both the land and the grower’s bottom line. Together with a gifted and determined team of makers in its NE Indiana facility who bring it all to reality, the future is energized and bright.

DAVAUS’ current and future products are based on a foundation of science, nature, technology, and practicality meant to produce impactful solutions for agriculture and other commercial markets. DAVAUS is uniquely positioned to produce effective results in a timely manner by working closely with its sister company, a 20-year veteran service bureau with 3D printing, molding, machining, and other advanced manufacturing capabilities ready to execute the next design concept. DAVAUS is indeed Driven Differently™ and is here to provide an opportunity for like-minded people to explore their product innovations with our team. We encourage you to follow us on this journey as we look forward to converging with you someday soon.

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