Bi-Rotor Technology

VariBINE with the Bi-Rotor Technology

The team at Davaus has founded itself on a mission to be Driven Differently – and developing a more practical harvesting machine with improved efficiency is a part of this mission. Davaus sees an opportunity in the market to satisfy a desire of growers for a cost effective machine that utilizes proven technologies, provides a high ROI, and provides the grower with an new type of experience.

Davaus looks at the entire system of American agriculture, reviewing the various steps and methods associated with producing quality crops at optimal yields. As evident with Davaus’ current products and others being developed, this system starts with soil health and should be considered a holistic system, not individual tasks. When reviewing the harvesting process and related equipment, Davaus set out to improve this sub-process, especially for the small and medium sized operations. Our brainstorming and research process led to a similar approach that was accomplished by a small team of amazing innovators in Kansas. Led by the vision of Mark Underwood and Ralph Lagergren with a small team of determined & talented dreamers in the 1990’s, the Bi-Rotor Technology was proven to be a viable solution to very efficient grain threshing and separating.

Our multi-faceted team of skilled makers at Davaus build on over two decades of advanced manufacturing and share a determination with that team from Kansas to make a positive impact on American agriculture and want to give the grower another solution to consider. Using the Bi-Rotor Technology as a basis architecture, the Davaus team has begun the journey to develop a new harvesting machine that will be called a VariBINE. The goal of this machine will be a solution that wraps technology with efficiency to provide a practical implement for today’s modern grower. Davaus seeks YOUR input as this machine will also be the product of market input – so we look forward to hearing from YOU… afterall, Davaus is “Driven Differently.” Until our paths cross, stay well and give thanks for our harvest of His fruits.

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