Ride Tamer


This package includes a set of Ride Tamer zero turn suspension systems that retrofit directly to your zero turn mower’s front fork bolt (choose either the M16 or 1/2 inch depending on your bolt size). The components included in total are:

  • 4 nylon washers
  • 2 adjuster bolts
  • 2 rubber torsion springs
  • 2 torsion spring mounting screws & 2 bolt threaded bolt brackets
  • 2 attachment bolts & 2 nuts to mount the unit to the front fork
  • 2 trailing arm bushings
  • 2 cover plates with 6 screws total for mounting to the enclosure unit
  • 2 trailing arms
  • 2 torsion spring bracket enclosure units

We recommend using a tape measure to confirm your mower’s deck height, a phillips screwdriver, two 3/4 wrenches, and a 5/32 allen wrench to complete the mounting process. You can use either a hydraulic jack or lift for the mounting process.



The Ride Tamer is a retrofit zero turn mower suspension system that minimizes bucking and bouncing of zero turn mowers when riding on uneven terrain, which results in increased comfort, improved cut quality, and reduced frame stress.

Proven to increase comfort up to 47% when riding on uneven or bumpy terrain. The Ride Tamer takes under 15 minutes to install, and retrofits to most major zero turn brands.

Watch the installation video for more information, and please reach out to info@davaus.com or 260-245-5006 with any questions.

Ride Tamer 3D Assembly Video:


Ride Tamer

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 14 in


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